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Pillar I: Lifelong Learning

Co-Directors: Pamela Edwards (DUHS) and Lisa Day (DUSON)

One of DANCE’s three major pillars of growth, Pillar I encompasses a commitment to lifelong learning.

Transformative learning experiences begin during the pre-licensure student program and are highly dependent on exposure to learning opportunities with nurses who role model the characteristics of expert care providers.

Learning opportunities are also critical for graduate students who work collaboratively with nurse experts to gain new knowledge and skills.

Career advancement for the nurse in practice requires experiences in which the individual nurse sets career goals and obtains new knowledge, skills, support, and coaching from faculty to assist in achieving those goals.

The goals of Pillar I include:

  • Aligning student experiences with the needs of the students, the organization and the health system
  • Collaborating on educational funding initiatives to increase outcomes data for nursing-led models of care
  • Maximizing the intellectual property and expertise of students, faculty, and nurses at all levels to capitalize on opportunities influencing the direction of the Duke Nursing brand
  • Promoting initiatives that support and advance aspirational career and professional development
  • Engaging all nurses across both settings in awareness of the shared collaborative