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Pillar II: Quality Improvement, Evidence-Based, and Research

Co-directors: Bradi Granger (DUSON) and Judy Prewitt (DUHS)

One of DANCE’s three major pillars of growth, Pillar II encompasses a commitment to quality improvement, evidence-based and research.

An expanded knowledge base regarding existing evidence and the tools and skills required to implement that evidence into clinical practice, engage nurses in contributing to increasing access to care, improving outcomes based on high-quality interventions, and developing highly effective, efficient care models that will reduce the cost of care.

Using evidence-based interventions reduces gaps in care and improves the quality of care delivery by addressing the Institute of Medicine’s six hallmarks of quality healthcare:

  • Safety
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Timeliness
  • Patient-centeredness
  • Equitable care

The goals of Pillar II include:

  • Establishing a culture in which students and nurses embrace clinical inquiry as the foundation for practice
  • Developing the skills of students and nurses at all levels regarding EBP, research, and innovation as well as implementation of existing knowledge into practice for the improvement of patient outcomes and the advancement of the nursing profession
  • Promoting nursing initiatives that lead to quality-focused nursing interventions, improved patient/family-centered outcomes, and the advancement of the nursing profession
  • Supporting the identification and development of publications and presentations that incorporate students, faculty, and nurses at all levels
  • Fostering creativity and innovation to address current and future needs in the delivery of trans-disciplinary healthcare

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